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  • Toku TPB-60 paving breakers
  • Toku TPB-60 paving breakers
Toku TPB-60 paving breakersToku TPB-60 paving breakers

Toku TPB-60 paving breakers

  • Model Number: TPB-60
  • Type: paving breakers
  • Piston diameter: 57.15 mm
  • Piston stroke: 100 mm
  • Product description: High-strength concrete is broken by Toku TPB-60 paving breakers, which are utilized on construction sites for building foundations and roads.
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Toku TPB-60 paving breakers, Toku TPB-60 paving breakers, also known as pneumatic pick, is specially used for concrete rock breaking and adopts Japanese Toku technology.Now I will introduce our company's Toku TPB-60 paving breakers product.

TPB-60 paving breakers Description

Toku TPB-60 paving breakers Applications:

  1. Paving and road construction: The TPB-60 is suitable for breaking and loosening asphalt, concrete, and other hard surfaces in paving and road construction projects.
  2. Demolition: The breaker's high-impact breaking ability makes it effective for demolition projects, such as breaking up concrete structures or removing pavement.
  3. Mining and quarrying: The TPB-60 can be used in mining and quarrying applications to break up rock and other hard materials.
  4. Toku TPB-60 paving breakers Applications

Technical Data of pneumatic breaker TPB-60

Piston diameter 57.15mm
Piston stroke 100mm
Impact rate 1400 blows/min
Air consumption 2.0m3/min
ID of air hose 19mm
Air inlet size 3/4PT
Total length 645mm
Net weight 30kg

Toku TPB-60 paving breakers Key Features:
Pneumatic operation: The TPB-60 is a lightweight, portable choice for breaking and loosening surfaces because it is driven by compressed air.
High-impact breaking: Because of the breaker's design, it can break up hard surfaces like rock, concrete, and asphalt with great effectiveness.

Variable striking force: The striking force of the breaker can be changed to accommodate various breaking scenarios, giving the operator better control and accuracy.
Sturdy construction: The TPB-60 is made of sturdy materials and is intended to survive severe use.

Toku TPB-60 paving breakers Key Features

Toku TPB-60 paving breakers Key Features

Toku TPB-60 paving breakers Key Features

Toku TPB-60 paving breakers Key Features

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TPB-60 paving breakers accessories

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