Pneumatic breakers

  • Pneumatic Breaker TPB-40
Pneumatic Breaker TPB-40

Pneumatic Breaker TPB-40

  • Net weight:18kg (39.6lb)
  • Impact rate:900 blows/min
  • Air consumption:1.6m3/min
  • Total length:660mm
  • Product description: Weight:18kg | Piston diameter:44mm | Impact rate:900 blows/min
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The pneumatic breaker TPB-40 offers more power with fewer parts when compared with other pavement breakers. It is designed in such a scientific manner that the overall productivity is enhanced by increasing power, while the operation cost is reduced by avoiding the use of costly quick-wear parts.

Technical Data of Pneumatic Breaker TPB-40

Piston diameter 44mm
Piston stroke 146mm
Impact rate 900 blows/min
Air consumption 1.6m3/min
Air pressure 6kg/cm2
ID of air hose 19mm
Shank size 1×41/4" (25×108mm)
Air inlet size 3/4PT
Total length 660mm
Net weight 18kg (39.6lb)