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  • Pusher Leg Rock Drill YT27
Pusher Leg Rock Drill YT27

Pusher Leg Rock Drill YT27

  • Weight:27kg
  • Dimensions (L×W×H):668×248×202mm
  • Working air pressure:0.63Mpa
  • Impact energy:≥75.5J
  • Product description: YT23, YT24, YT27, YT28, YT29 Air Leg Hand-Held Pneumatic Rock Drill
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The pusher leg rock drill YT27 is a piece of highly efficient rock drilling tool, and it is very popular on the global market because it provides satisfying rock drilling performance for mines, tunnels, water conservancy projects, railway construction projects and other engineering construction.

If equipped with FY250 lubricator and FT160A/FT160B pusher leg, this pusher leg rock drill could perform wet drilling in medium hard to hard rocks (f=8-18), while both horizontal and tilted blast holes are available. In addition, the pusher leg can be dismounted to fit for drill jumbo.

Our pusher leg rock drill offers simple operation, and its big torque ensures high efficiency. On the other hand, the air-water interlink system allows flexible start, and all the components are durable and of universal type.

Technical Data of Pusher Leg Rock Drill YT27

Weight 27kg
Dimensions (L×W×H) 668×248×202mm
Cylinder diameter 80mm
Piston stroke 60mm
Impact energy ≥75.5J
Impact rate ≥36.7Hz
Air consumption ≤83.3L/s
Air hose inner diameter 13mm
Water hose inner diameter 25mm
Working air pressure 0.63Mpa
Working water pressure 0.3Mpa
Hole diameter 34-45mm
Max. drilling depth 5m
Shank size H22×108mm
FY250 Lubricator
Weight 1.2kg
Volume 0.25L
FT160B Pusher Leg
Weight 18kg
Length 1800mm
Feeding length 1365mm

Main Features

1) YT27 require less working air pressure

2) Has lower air consumption

3) Very appreciated in softer rock conditions

Machine Parts

Name: Drill bit


Machine parts

Name: Air leg

Machine Parts

Name: Drill rod

yt27 drill rod

Main Features

Name: Seal kits


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