Air leg type

  • Air Leg Pneumatic Rock Drill YT29S
Air Leg Pneumatic Rock Drill YT29S

Air Leg Pneumatic Rock Drill YT29S

  • Wight: 26.5Kg
  • Impact energy: ≥50-78 J
  • Percussive frequency: ≥36-39Hz
  • Drilling Diameter: 34-45mm
  • Product description: Hand-held Mining YT Series Air Leg Pneumatic Rock Drill YT29S Air leg rock drill for road and mine drilling
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YT29S rock drill

YT29S Mine Drilling Rig The torque is increased by more than 10%, and the rock drilling is kept smooth at all times.

Enhanced airtightness generates stronger impact energy The rock drilling speed is effectively increased by 10%-25%.

Two new cooling and lubricating structures are added to extend the life of accessories and drill rods and reduce costs.

When the water pressure is higher than the wind pressure, the water injection valve automatically reduces pressure to prevent water from pouring into the body. The work efficiency is increased by 10%-25% compared with ordinary rock drills.

Percussive frequency
Cylinder diameter
82 mm
Piston stroke
60 mm
Working pressure(mpa)
Impact energy
≥50-78 J
Air consumption
≤52-88 L/S