• High Pressure DTH Hammers

    High pressure ­­(7~ 30 bars).

  • Odex Casing | SUPERDRILL

    ODEX (short for “Overburden Drilling Excentric”) is also called Stratex, Tubex or ODS. It is an adaptation of the air-circulation DTH hammer. It is with a swing-out eccentric bit to ream the bottom of

  • Middle Pressure DTH Hammers

    Middle pressure (7 ~ 15 bar)

  • Low Pressure DTH Hammers

    Low pressure (5 ~ 7 bars)

  • Sandvik DTH hammers

    Sandvik DTH hammers by combining advanced materials technology with skillful design focusing on performance, simplicity and endurance, Sandvik is able to offer a wide range of reliable DTH hammers tha

  • 2 inch Atlas Copco COP20 DTH hammers

    Atlas Copco offers a comprehensive range of DTH hammers capable of drilling holes from 3” to 36” in diameter. The world renowned company provides innovative solutions for water well drillers, miners a

  • Halco DTH hammers

    Halco hammers are user friendly and reliable. They are built using the highest quality heat treated nickel chrome alloy steels thereby delivering exceptional productivity and durability. Halco strives

  • Numa DTH hammers

    Numa DTH Hammer has a policy of continuous improvement of DTH technology and engineering, which is achieved through a proactive research and development program. Their performance driven Patriot, Cham

  • Low Pressure DTH Hammers |SUPERDRILL

    Big Size DTH Hammer(6”-32"),Superdrill DTH hammers are all simple structure, easy to assemble and disassemble, as well as reliable quality and long service life. Superdrill has various hammer models s

  • Mincon DTH hammers

    Mincon manufactures an extensive range of hammers for a variety of industries including construction, exploration, geothermal, mining, seismic, and waterwell. The company employs a whole quality philo