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  • Product description: PDC drill bit is super hard material combined with diamond and hard alloy under high temperature. It not only has the advantages of hard and durable from diamond, but also has the advantages of high i
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Super Drill Bits can provide high-quality PCD drill bits:
Polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) drill bits are a type of drill bit used in the drilling industry. A PDC drill consists of a fixed head with multiple PDC cutters. Because the head is fixed and contains no moving parts, the drill bit rotates as a unit. PDC tools or inserts consist of a layer of polycrystalline diamond and a tungsten carbide matrix. Polycrystalline diamond is bonded to the substrate. This advanced design offers excellent resistance to abrasion, abrasion, erosion and high temperatures, allowing for higher drilling efficiency and longer service life.

PDC drill bits are widely used in various applications such as drilling, mining, oil and gas drilling, etc.

Advantages of our PCC drill bits:
PDC drill bit large blade design: The blades of all PDC drill bit series have enlarged protrusions. The ultra-large chip operation design can move the drill teeth more effectively, clean the drill bit, prevent mud bags in the drill bit, and increase the mechanical drilling speed.

Polycrystalline diamond drill bit anti-rotation design: It adopts mechanical balance design, PDC drill bit design, track tooth design, and buffer block design to ensure the anti-rotation performance of the drill bit.

When drilling, precision and durability are crucial, and choosing the right PDC (Polycrystalline Diamond Compact) drill bit can play a big role. As discerning operators seek the pinnacle of performance, Top Tools is the leader among PDC drill bit manufacturers, offering an unparalleled set of benefits that redefine superior drilling performance.
Our PDC drill bit types:
Matrix PDC drill bit
Composition: This drill is made from cemented tungsten carbide, reinforced with synthetic PDC cutters and stabilized with heat-treated polycrystalline diamond.
Durability: Tungsten carbide body provides strong corrosion resistance, wear resistance and consistent diameter retention.
Flexible hydraulic system: Water hole design can be adjusted according to drilling hydraulic needs.
Customizable design: The shape of the drill bit meets the needs of the formation, and adjustment only requires changing the mold, without additional equipment.
Steel PDC drill bit
Steel PDC drill bits are machined from chromium-molybdenum alloy steel. After heat treatment, the drill body is drilled and the synthetic PDC cutter is brazed into the perforations of the drill body. Tungsten carbide alloy or composite sheets are used to maintain the diameter, and the tungsten carbide wear-resistant layer is welded to the blade to enhance the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the steel drill bit. Steel-body drills are less abrasive and more likely to wash away than tire drills, but steel-body drills are cheaper and easier to repair.
PDC drag drill bit
PDC scraper bits are ideal for drilling in plastic and brittle formations (such as mudstone, mudstone, shale, etc.) and soft to medium-soft soils. SML's scraper drill bits are usually specially designed based on customer drawings and dimensional specifications.
PDC drill bit
A PDC core drill bit, also known as a core drill bit, is a thin multi-tooth tubular drill bit containing embedded carbide chips.