Superdrill Shank Adaptors

     Superdrill's top-notch Shank adaptors, meticulously crafted for prevailing rock drill machines. Carburized and CNC-manufactured from premium steel, our adaptors guarantee exceptional toughness and anti-fatigue strength, delivering optimal performance in demanding drilling conditions. Whether for drifting, tunneling, or extension applications, Superdrill provides versatile male and female threaded shank adaptors for various requirements.

General Introduction: Superdrill offers high-quality Shank Adaptors suitable for most models of contemporary rock drill machines. These adaptors are carburized, CNC-manufactured, and made from premium steel to ensure superior toughness and anti-fatigue strength. The adaptors are available with either male or female threads, catering to different drilling scenarios. Male adaptors are ideal for applications with high bending stresses, while female adaptors are suitable for limited drilling spaces.

Specification Overview:

  • Rock Drill Brands:

    • Atlas Copco, Tamrock, Furukawa, Ingersoll-Rand, Montabert, SIG, Boart Longear, Gardner-Denver, Böhler, Secoma, Toyo, Joy, and more.
  • Typical Shank Styles:

    • Various shank styles for different rock drill machines.
  • Note:

    • Other shanks may be available upon request, and special drifter types based on samples or drawings are also accommodated.

How to Order: Shank Type (or Rock Drill Type) + Thread + Length

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Elevate your drilling performance with Superdrill's precision-engineered Shank Adaptors. Contact us for tailored solutions to meet your specific drilling requirements.


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