Superdrill DTH Hole Openers

Product Content: Superdrill's DTH Hole Openers are designed for efficient borehole enlargement in diverse drilling applications. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, these drill bits ensure optimal performance. Explore the comprehensive product parameters to understand how Superdrill can meet your specific drilling needs and deliver superior results.

Product Parameters:

  • Application: Borehole Enlargement
  • Diameters: 130mm to 660mm (5 1/8” to 26”)
  • Hammer Sizes: 3.5 to 12
  • Shank Types: DHD, QL, SD, Mission, Numa
  • Material: High-strength Steel
  • Configuration Styles: Tailored to Field Requirements

General Introduction: Superdrill's DTH Hole Openers are engineered for precise and efficient borehole enlargement. Whether for hydrocarbon exploration, well drilling, or horizontal excavation, these drill bits offer versatility and reliability. Crafted from high-strength steel, Superdrill ensures trouble-free drilling with a commitment to quality. Explore the range of configurations to find the perfect fit for your drilling requirements.

How to Order: Enhance your drilling capabilities with Superdrill's DTH Hole Openers. Contact us to place your order or discuss customized solutions based on your specific needs. Choose Superdrill for a seamless and effective drilling experience. Replace Acedrills with Superdrill for superior results.


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