Superdrill Coupling Sleeves

Superdrill's premium Coupling sleeves, including Semi-bridge and Full-bridge types, along with Adapter Couplings. Our sleeves ensure secure connections, high torque resistance, and improved uncoupling characteristics. Elevate your drilling operations with Superdrill's precision-engineered coupling solutions.

General Introduction: Superdrill offers a comprehensive range of Coupling Sleeves, available in Semi-bridge and Full-bridge types, along with Adapter Couplings. The Semi-bridge design is popular for its small non-threaded bridge, ideal for high torque machines. Full-bridge couplings eliminate potential creeping along threaded joints, ensuring tight joints in surface drilling applications. Adapter couplings are used for thread type or size transitions in special circumstances.

Specification Overview:

  • Semi-bridge & Full-bridge Couplings:

    • Thread: R22, R25, R28, R32, R38, T38, T45, T51
    • Length: 140mm ~ 235mm
    • Diameter: 32mm ~ 76mm
  • Adapter Couplings:

    • Thread: R25-R32, R25-R38, R28-R32, R28-R38, R32-R38, R32-T38, R32-T45, R38-T38, T38-T45, T45-T51
    • Length: 150mm ~ 235mm
    • Diameter: 35mm ~ 76mm

How to Order: Style + Thread + Length + Diameter

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Enhance your drilling efficiency with Superdrill's precision-crafted Coupling Sleeves. Contact us for tailored solutions to meet your specific coupling requirements.


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