Superdrill DTH Drill Rods

Product Content: Superdrill's DTH Drill Rods, also known as drill tubes or Drill pipes, serve as the vital link for transmitting impact force, rotation torque, and maintaining airflow to DTH hammers and bits. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, Superdrill offers a range of thickness designs for each diameter, ensuring optimal strength and efficiency. Explore the comprehensive product parameters to find the perfect fit for your drilling requirements.

Product Parameters:

  • DTH Drill Rods Diameter: 60mm to 152mm
  • Length Range: 1,000mm to 10,670mm
  • Connection Threads: Various options, including API REG, API IF
  • Wall Thickness: Tailored for Strength and Weight Optimization

General Introduction: Superdrill's DTH Drill Rods are engineered to provide the ideal balance between weight optimization and strength for diverse drilling applications. With different thickness designs and high-grade steel options, these drill tubes cater to various drilling needs. Precision-manufactured, heat-treated, and friction-welded, Superdrill ensures reliability in every drilling operation.

How to Order: Enhance your drilling efficiency with Superdrill's DTH Drill Rods. Contact us to place your order or discuss customized solutions based on your specific needs. Choose Superdrill for superior strength, precision, and durability.

Sub Adapters: Superdrill also offers Sub Adapters in various types to complement your drilling setup. Explore the options below:

  • Pin to Box: 59mm to 146mm diameter, 120mm to 235mm length
  • Pin to Pin: 90mm to 115mm diameter, 70mm to 97mm length
  • Box to Box: 77mm to 205mm diameter, 200mm to 270mm length

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