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Dome Reaming BitsDome Reaming BitsDome Reaming Bits

Dome Reaming Bits

  • Bit type:Dome bit / Reaming bits
  • Connection Angle: 6 / 10 / 12 degree
  • Diameter of Pilot adaptors: 26 / 28 / 35 / 40 mm etc
  • Thread type:R25 / R28 / R32 / R38
  • Product description: Dome Reaming Bits,reaming bits,reaming tools,reaming drilling bits,threaded button bits,threaded drill bit,integral reaming bits,reaming bits with pilot adapter,button bits
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Dome Reaming bits

A: Fantastic Steel Material Imported from Sweden and USA.

B: Hex Rods Connected Reaming Bits: R28-R32 R32-R32,

C: Reaming bit / Pilot adapter  Head Diameters: From 28mm to 127mm.

D: Customer-made Cross Tapered bits are also available by order.

E: Taper Connection Degree: 6,12.

F: Hex Drill Rods Matched: Hex22, Hex25

Dome Reaming Bits for Drifting and Tunneling

Application of Cross Insert Bits:

Mining, Tunneling, Construction Project etc. Drifting and Tunneling Equipment.

Dome Reaming Bits- Reaming Tools-hubeisuperdrill

Advantages of  Mushroom Bits:

A: High Effective Penetration Speed.

B: Bigger Gauge and Front button bits.

C: Production is fast and simple, lower labor cost and cheaper price for market users.

D: Very Suitable for Various Rock Informations.