YN27C rock drill shipped to Chile

YN27C rock drill shipped to Chile

Today, our YN27C rock drill products are shipped to Chile in batches. Our YN27C rock drill is completely comparable to Atlas Copco Pionjar 120.

YN27C rock drill

Our YN27C rock drill, also called gasoline rock drill, is a handheld gasoline rock drill that does not require a special air compressor and is suitable for field drilling. The drilling depth can be 5 meters.
yn27c rock drill
When our YN27C rock drill is shipped, each YN27C rock drill is equipped with a drill bit + drill rod + consumable parts. It mainly includes: 0.6-meter drill rod, 34mm drill bit, and a set of repair parts and repair tools.
YN27C rock drill
The main parameters of our YN27C rock drill:
Machine Specifications

Weight: 27kg
Dimensions: 746mm x 315mm x 229mm
Engine type: Single cylinder, air-cooled two-stroke
Engine Specifications

Cylinder diameter: 58mm
Piston stroke: 70mm
Rotation speed: 2450rpm
Displacement: 185cm³
Carburetor type: Hand needle valve, floatless type
Ignition system: Controllable silicon, contactless system
Drilling Specifications

Drilling speed: 250mm/min (average of five holes)
Drill hole diameter: 28-42mm
Maximum drilling depth: 6m
Fuel consumption: 0.12L/m
Tank capacity: 1.5L
Drill Rod and Breaker Shank

Drill rod and breaker shank size: Hex22*108mm
Rotating speed of drill rod: 200 rounds/min
Other Specifications

Spark plug clearance: 0.5-0.7mm
Mixture ratio of gasoline and lubrication oil: 12:01 (in volumes)

our YN27C rock drill

The YN27C rock drill we sent to Chile has many other advantages:

It adapts to these outside situations without water and electronic power. Meanwhile it is a hand- held drill, during operation,rock power is blown away by the compressed air produced by the machine itself. .Its suited to work on high mountains, plains, hot and cold area with no power and no water supply and air compressing equipment, and especially suits the projects that the machine has to be carried at any time and in any area.

Below are our YN27C rock drill products:

Pionjar 120 jack hammer

Pionjar 120 jack hammer

YN27C Rock Drill

YN27C Rock Drill

YN27C rock drilling

YN27C rock drilling with g

The Internal Combustion Rock Drill Type YN 27C has functions...

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