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There are many excavator drills and excavator drill attachments from Super Drill. Excavator drill bits are modified from excavators and can be installed on excavators.superdrill provides rock drill attachments for drilling equipment and excavators of any size, brand, or model. Drills that are either pneumatic or hydraulic and come with different length feed systems, rod handlers, centralizers, and optional dust collecting, to mention a few.Let me share some thoughts on excavator drills.

 excavator drills

An excavator drill: what is it?

One kind of drilling equipment made especially for use with excavators is theexcavator drill. It is a strong and adaptable instrument that may be used for a number of drilling tasks, such as rock extraction, anchor installation, and foundation drilling. The revolving drill bit that comes with excavator drills can be fastened to the boom of the machine, giving the operator fine control and maneuverability.

Excavator Drills' Advantages

Enhanced Efficiency: Excavator drills are more productive and save time since they can drill holes deeper and faster than conventional drilling techniques.
Increased Accuracy: Accurate drilling is made possible by the revolving drill bit and precise controls, which lower the possibility of mistakes and guarantee a clean finish.
Increased Safety: By attaching the drill to the excavator boom and designing it in such a way, accidents are less likely to happen and drilling can be done safely and steadily.
Versatility: An invaluable addition to your equipment collection, excavator drills can be utilized for a wide range of drilling tasks.

Types of Excavator Drills

  1. Rotary Drills: Designed for general-purpose drilling, rotary drills are ideal for foundation drilling, anchor installation, and general excavation.
  2. Rotary Hammer Drills: These drills use a hammering action to break up rock and concrete, making them perfect for more challenging drilling applications.
  3. Auger Drills: Equipped with a continuous-flight auger, these drills are ideal for soil excavation, tunneling, and foundation work.

Rotary Drills

Choosing the Right Excavator Drill

When selecting an excavator drill, consider the following factors:

  1. Drilling Depth: Choose a drill that can handle the required depth for your project.
  2. Drilling Speed: Select a drill that can maintain a consistent drilling speed to ensure efficient operation.
  3. Drill Bit Size: Ensure the drill bit is suitable for your project's requirements.
  4. Excavator Compatibility: Verify the drill's compatibility with your excavator model and specifications.


Whether you're working on a foundation drilling project or need to break up rock and concrete, an excavator drill is the perfect tool for the job.

We offer a variety of excavator drills to choose from:

Excavator mounted rock drills

Excavator mounted rock drills

Large Rock Splitter

Large Rock Splitter

<a href= target='_blank'>hydraulic rock splitter</a> for Excavator

Big Hydraulic Rock Splitter for Excavator

Rock Drilling and Splitting with Hydraulic Machine

Efficient Rock Drilling and Splitting with Hydraulic Machine

Excavator drill attachment Applications :

Destroying Holes
Road cuts and trenches Utility works
Draining, bolting, and tying back rocks
Rough terrain building
Foundation for high reach drilling


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