Superdrill Threaded Drill Bits

Product Content: Superdrill's advanced Threaded Drill Bits, designed to be the cost-effective leader in the drilling industry. Our bits offer fast penetration, rock pulverization, and superior wear resistance for applications such as rock drilling, water wells, mining, and more.

General Introduction: As part of Superdrill's commitment to being a cost-effective leader in the drilling industry, we provide a comprehensive range of threaded bits for various drilling applications. These bits are suitable for rock drilling, water wells, quarries, mining, construction, and blasting. Computer-aided design, CNC manufacturing, and multiple heat treatments ensure extended product life and superior performance in tough drilling conditions.

All Superdrill bits are made from premium steels and feature high-quality tungsten carbide tips for exceptional penetration and cleaning action. With a variety of skirt shapes, front designs, and cutting structures, our bits cater to different rock formations and penetration needs. Rigorous field testing ensures our products meet stringent quality standards, and each bit is carefully packed in protective cases to prevent transportation damage.

Specification Overview:

  • button bits:

    • Skirt Shape: Straight (Normal), Retract, Straightrac
    • Bit Diameter: 35~152mm (1 3/8 ~ 6")
    • Thread: R22, R25, R28, R32, R35, R38, T38, T45, T51, T60, ST58, ST68
    • Face Design: Flat, Convex, or Drop Center
    • Inserts Configuration: Domed (Spherical), Hemi-spherical, Ballistic, Parabolic, or Conical
  • Cross Bits & X-Type Bits:

    • Bits Type: Cross Bits, X-Type Bits
    • Skirt Shape: Straight (Normal), Retract
    • Bits Diameter: 35~127 mm (1 3/8” ~ 127”)
    • Thread: R22, R25, R28, R32, R38, T38, T45, T51
    • Note: Special sizes may be available upon request.

How to Order:

  • Button Bit: Diameter + Thread + Skirt Shape + Face Design + Insert Configuration
  • Cross & X-Type Bit: Diameter + Thread + Skirt Shape

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