Superdrill Reamer Drilling Tools

Product Content: Superdrill's advanced Reamer Drilling Tools, meticulously engineered for layer drilling and hole enlargement in underground mines. Our comprehensive range includes Reaming bits, pilot drill bits, dome bits, and hole opener bits, delivering optimal performance for diverse drilling applications.

General Introduction: Superdrill's Reamer Drilling Tools are specially designed for layer drilling, enabling the enlargement of pilot holes for long hole blasting in underground mines and service hole construction. Our reaming equipment comes in three types: reamer bit matched with a pilot bit, dome bit, or hole opener bit.

Specification Overview:

  • Reaming Bits:

    • Bits Diameter: 57 ~ 160mm (2 1/4” ~ 6 1/4”)
    • Connection: 6°, 12° taper degree, or R25, R28, R32 threads
  • Pilot Drill Bits:

    • Bits Diameter: 36 or 40mm (1 27/64” or 1 37/64”)
    • Connection: Back thread size of R25, R28, R32, and matched central connection as the relative reamer bits
  • Dome Bits:

    • Bits Diameter: 76 ~ 152mm (3” ~ 6”)
    • Connection: R25, R28, R32, R38, T38, T45, and T51
  • Hole Opener Bits:

    • Reamed Diameter: 76 ~ 165mm (3” ~ 6”)
    • Pilot Diameter: 26 ~ 102mm (1” ~ 4”)
    • Connection: R32, R38, T38, T45, and T51

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How to Order:

  • Reaming Bits: Diameter + Taper Degree or Thread
  • Pilot Drill Bits: Diameter + Body Taper Degree or Thread + Back Thread
  • Dome Bits: Diameter + Thread
  • Hole Opener Bits: Reamed Diameter + Pilot Diameter + Thread

Empower your drilling operations with Superdrill's precision-engineered Reamer Drilling Tools. Contact us for customized solutions tailored to your specific needs.


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