Several hydraulic rock splitter prices on the market

Today, we will mainly introduce several common hydraulic rock splitter prices on the market. The main factors affecting the price of hydraulic rock splitter are: brand, function.

Hydraulic Rock Splitter

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Heavy Duty Rock Splitter f

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Big Hydraulic Rock Splitte

Excavator Rock Splitter as attachment is designed for most o...

Darda C10/C12 Splitting Cy

Darda C10/C12 Splitting Cylinder,The hydraulic splitting cyl...

Darda hydraulic rock split

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  • New Delhi RZ/T-20:
    • Usage: Bolder cracking, cracking granite rock, walls, piles, pillars, and blocks
    • Maximum Splitting Force: 2257 KN / 230 TON
  • Smart Shrikrishna Hydraulic Rock Splitter S 240:
    • Total Diameter: 240 mm
    • Price: ₹ 4,75,000/Unit
  • Other Hydraulic Rock Splitters:
    • For Cubic Rocks, Boulders (price: ₹ 2,50,000/Unit)
    • Yamamoto Ultra Large Rock Splitter (model: Hrb-1000) (price: ₹ 10,00,000/Unit)
    • Yamamoto rock splitter (model: Hrb-1000) (price: ₹ 10,00,000/Unit)
    • Hydraulic large rock splitter S-1200 (total diameter: 115 mm)
    • Splitting Time: 20-30 seconds for a 90 mm nut
  • Manufacturer/Supplier Information:
    • The company is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of hydraulic rock splitters.
    • They offer customization options and provide high-quality products with prompt delivery.

The machines come in various sizes and types, including:

  • 1-ton, 8-ton, and 12-ton machines
  • Machines with different sizes and types, such as 160, 2-ton, and 8-ton machines
  • One-ton machines for different types of equipment

The hydraulic rock splitter is described as one of the most powerful machines for breaking rocks, and it can be used to extract rock from materials in various forms. It is also mentioned as a great way to extract rocks that are difficult to break with other methods.

The hydraulic rock splitter prices different types of hydraulic rock splitters, including:

  • Diesel engine hydraulic rock splitter
  • Electric hydraulic rock splitter
  • Hydraulic rock splitter pneumatic
  • Hydraulic quarry


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