Hydraulic rock splitter

  • Darda C10/C12 Splitting Cylinder
Darda C10/C12 Splitting Cylinder

Darda C10/C12 Splitting Cylinder

  • Name: Darda C10/C12 Splitting Cylinder
  • Splitting force:358t/413t
  • Drill hole ∅:45-48 mm
  • Bar pressure:500 bar
  • Product description: Darda C10/C12 Splitting Cylinder,The hydraulic splitting cylinder consists of a control valve,a cylinder,a front head and a wedge set(1wedge and 2counter wedges).The entire cylinder is made of highest
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C12 Technical Data Sheet

C12N C12L
Splitting force 358t 413t
Drill hole ∅ 45-48 mm 45-48 mm
Drill depth 610 mm 680 mm
Weight 31 kg 32 kg
Bar pressure 500 bar 500 bar


Taking advantage of the low tensile strength of rock and concrete, the hydraulic splitting cylinders allow controlled, quiet and cost-effective demolition from the inside!

Our largest hand-held cylinder model is the world’s most powerful splitter in relation to its size. The C12 splitting cylinder breaks reinforced, lightweight, as well as unreinforced concrete equally reliably and is particularly suitable for heading concrete piles, as well as wall and masonry demolition.

The C12 splitting cylinder is particularly suitable for rock demolition, as well as secondary splitting of boulders. Through several splits, the structure of a full rock surface or rock area can be weakened and the rock can be easily excavated afterwards. In the natural stone industry, it is used for block quarrying of hard rock, as well as in tunnel driving and extension work in underground mining.

The handy Rock and Concrete Splitter has an enormous power-to-weight ratio. One person can work in any position and even under water, while other work continues in parallel: Low noise, without vibrations and flying rocks.


Conventional mechanical methods destroy the structure of the material by applying external force. Rock and concrete, however, can withstand very large compressive forces from the outside. In comparison, the resistance to a force acting from the inside out is relatively low. The development of the Darda Rock and Concrete Splitter was based on this fact.


First, a hole of the appropriate depth and diameter is drilled, into which the splitting insert of the splitting cylinder is then inserted and aligned to determine the splitting direction. With hydraulic pressure, the wedge pushes itself between the two counter wedges and presses them apart. The effective splitting force of up to 413 tons or 4048 kN destroys the structure of concrete and rock from the inside. A split is created in a matter of seconds. Thinner reinforcing bars in reinforced concrete tear off.

darda c12