Grinding Cup for Button Bit Grinder

BTON button bit grinding system is a high power, pneumatic button bit grinding tool, designed for hand-held use. The system features an efficient throttle and support handle, which give the operator an unprecedented level power and control, making BTON the premier tool for even the most demanding job.

By changing the adapter, you can use any type of grinding pins on our BTON button bit grinder, like the pins from KING, SVK, CME, Atlas.

The BTON grinder can work with 4 kinds of grinding cups to get better grinding effect just by replace the coupling chuck.


we supply the following grinding cups for you:

1. Wing (shoulder) drive grinding cup for, with a 8mm diameter shaft(shank) and one O-ring. Suitable for ATLAAS COPPCO machines, Jasco, Dorey and KING PIN grinding machine.

2. San drive grinding cup, with a 9mm diameter shaft(shank), suitable for all SVK grinding machines.

3. 55 drive grinding cup is for all Atlas grinding machines.

4. Internal hex drive grinding cup is for all CME grinding machines.

5. Without O-ring grinding cup for the collect chuck, 8mm shank.

Grinding Cup for Button Bit Grinder


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