Button Bits Grinding Machine

 button bits Grinding Machine

BTON200 Handheld button bit grinder is a high power, pneumatic tool for drill button bit, including tapered button bits, thread button bit, DTH hammer bit. Which is protable and easy operate to do the grinding work.

 Button Bits Grinding Machine


Air pressure, max 5-7 bar (100psi)
Air consumption 2m3/min (50ft3/min)
Rate power 1.5kw
Idling speed 20,000 rpm
Water flushing presuure, max 4 bar (60psi)
Hose diameter, air 19 mm(1/2)
Hose diameter, water 6 mm
Weight, exclude hoses 3.2 kg
Sound level 92 dB (A)
Grinding button size 6-25 mm
BTON200 Handheld


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