DTH Drill Pipe for Various Applications

DTH Drill pipe for Various Applications

DTH (Down-the-Hole) drill pipes are essential tools in rock crushing, anchoring drilling, geothermal air conditioning hole, water well drilling, and more. Our DTH drill pipes are manufactured using high-quality materials sourced from reputable domestic suppliers. Here are some key features and specifications:

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  • High-Quality Materials: Sourced from renowned domestic enterprises to ensure durability and reliability.
  • End Processing: IU processed ends, tempered after friction welding for enhanced strength and stability.
  • Quenching and Tempering: Drill pipe joints undergo quenching and tempering after rough machining, followed by surface nitriding treatment for increased wear resistance and ease of disassembly.
  • Precision Thread Processing: Utilizing precision imported CNC lathes and customized forming cutters for thread processing to ensure accuracy and consistency.
  • Thread Gauges: All threads are equipped with thread gauges meeting international standards to ensure quality and compatibility.
  • Extended Service Life: All processes contribute to the extended service life of the drill pipe, ensuring stable and reliable performance in various drilling applications.
  • DTH Drill Pipe


Rod Dia. (mm) Rod Dia. (inch) Rod Length (mm) Wall Thickness (mm) Connect Thread Wrench Flats No.
76 3 1000-6000 4.2/6/8 2 3/8" REG 2/4
88.9 3 1/2 1000-6000 6/9.35 NC26/2 3/8"IF 2/4
102 4 1000-6000 8.38 NC31/2 3/8"IF 2/4
108 4 1/4 1000-6000 8 NC31/2 3/8"IF 2/4
114.3 4 1/2 1000-6000 8.56 NC31/NC35/3 1/2"REG 2/4
127 5 1000-6000 9.19 NC38/3 1/2" IF 2/4
140 5 1/2 1000-6000 8 NC46/API4 1/2”REG or 4’FH 2/4

Geothermal / Water Well Drilling Pipes Usage Tips:

  1. Apply oil paste to new drill pipes before connection.
  2. Make up and break the connection at least three times before drilling.
  3. Hard bending and plastic coating can be processed according to clients' special requirements.

Contact us to discuss your specific drilling needs and to inquire about our DTH drill pipe solutions. We're dedicated to providing reliable and efficient drilling solutions tailored to your requirements.


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