"Excavator Mounted Rock Drill and Splitter Attachment" Argentina

The Excavator Mounted Rock Drill and Splitter Attachment is a revolutionary drilling and splitting all-in-one machine designed for hard rock splitting applications. This innovative machine is perfectly combined with an excavator, utilizing its hydraulic energy to split hard rock. With its flexibility in movement and ability to work on various angles, it effectively copes with complex working conditions.


The drilling and splitting all-in-one machine is composed of:

  • Rock drilling tool: A specialized tool for drilling into hard rock
  • Locating shaft: A shaft that helps locate the drilling position
  • Adjustable extraction: An adjustable system for extracting the drilled rock
  • Splitting head: A head that splits the rock into smaller pieces


The Excavator Mounted Rock Drill and Splitter Attachment has the following specifications:

  • Matching excavator model: 25 tons
  • Length: 3900 mm
  • Width: 1300 mm
  • Height: 1000 mm
  • Total weight (including air compressor): 3.2 tons
  • Hole diameter: 43-115 mm
  • Hole depth: 1700 mm
  • Average drilling speed: 1 m/min
  • Impact energy: 300 J
  • Impact pressure: 17.5 MPA
  • Impact flow: 80-100 L/MIN
  • Impact energy (KW): 18 KW
  • Maximum total flow of the system: 300 L
  • Rated pressure (MPA) of the excavator system: 40 MPA
  • Splitting machine: 380 V
  • Rated tension (T): 5000 T
  • Splitting time: 3 minutes
  • Crack width (mm): 1-3 mm
  • Displacement of air compressor (m³): 8 m³/5bar
  • Dust removal system: Can be increased


The Excavator Mounted Rock Drill and Splitter Attachment has several advantages:

  • Convenient exchange: Pin shaft top installation allows for easy exchange with other excavator attachments
  • Adaptable design: Fuselage and splitters designed with double 360° rotation, adapting to complex working conditions
  • High-performance drilling and splitting: Fully hydraulic design with ultra-high drilling rate and super rock cracking effect
  • Improved efficiency: Full remote control design saves labor and improves work efficiency
  • Environmental protection design: Dust removal system designed to meet current environmental protection requirements


The Excavator Mounted Rock Drill and Splitter Attachment is suitable for various applications, including:

  • Hard rock splitting
  • Quarrying and mining operations
  • Construction and infrastructure projects
  • Demolition and excavation work


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