Piston rock splitter vs hydraulic

Piston rock splitter vs hydraulic

Piston rock splitter is a new type of rock-breaking equipment. Its design is inspired by our common hydraulic jack. Using a piston rock splitter requires a larger hole diameter than a hand-held rock splitter (typically 90mm, 110mm, 130mm, 150mm, 180mm, or over 200mm). No vibration, no noise, and no flying stones during the working process. The effect is immediate, there is no need to wait, and the work can be repeated without interruption. In many large rock-breaking construction sites, such as road construction or building foundation sites, it is difficult for a handheld wedge rock splitter to meet a large number of rock removal requirements. So using a piston rock splitter is the best way. Piston rock splitters are more powerful and efficient than handheld wedge rock splitters. It is fully capable of all kinds of large-scale rock-breaking work.

Huge splitting force up to several thousand tons
Ideal for large rock-breaking projects
Higher rock-breaking efficiency
Reduce rock-breaking costs
Almost noise-free
Low dust and low vibration
Split direction can be set
Ease of use
Easy to transport

How does it work
First, drill a hole of suitable depth and diameter, then insert the pistonsplitting rod into the hole and align it to determine the direction ofsplitting. The ultra-high pressure oil output by the hydraulic power unitdrives the piston of the piston splitting rod to generate a huge drivingforce, pushing the piston outward, and the pressure is instantly super highreaching more than 100Mpa. The effective splitting force of up to severalthousand tons destroys the structure of the rock from within.


Piston rock splitters are widely used in rock excavation applications including surface mine excavation, highway widening, building foundations, shaft driving and tunnel

Handheld Rock Splitter

Handheld rock splitters are powerful and cost-effective alternatives to other traditional demolition tools. It is especially suitable for narrow areas where large machines cannot work and places with strict restrictions on noise and dust. The whole machine is light and flexible, easy to operate, easy to transport, and can be operated by only one person, so it can be used without any problem in confined spaces or places where large machinery is difficult to access, and can even work underwater. No noise no vibration and flying stones when working. Over the years, our hand-held splitters have achieved great success worldwide for their high quality, high performance, long service life, and very competitive price, playing a huge role in the global demolition field.

Enormous splitting force up to 600 t
Nearly noise-free
Low dust and low vibration
Splitting direction can be set
Ideal for confined spaces
Strong and lightweight
Easy to transport
Can be used anywhere

How does it work
First, drill a hole of the appropriate depth and diameter. Next, insert thewedge of the rock splitter into it and align it to determine the direction ofsplitting. Start the hydraulic power unit, and the hydraulic power unitoutputs a pressure of 60Mpa to the rock splitter. The hydraulic cylinder inthe rock splitter pushes the wedge pack to expand sideways with a forceof hundreds of tons, breaking the structure of rock or concrete fromwithin.


Handheld rock splitters are widely used in rock concrete demolition, secondary crushing of large rocks, small underground mining, natural stone mining, tunneling, etc.


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