Superdrill Integral Drill Steels - Superior Small-Hole Drilling Solution

Product Content: Superdrill's Integral Drill Steels feature a forged collar, fixed length, and a hexagonal chuck section, providing exceptional leverage for rotation chuck bushing. Tailored for small-hole drilling with air leg rock drills or hand-held rock drills, these rods optimize drilling speed and reduce impact energy expenses. Used in series for deeper holes, they prevent bit jamming.

Specification Overview:

Superdrill’s Integral Drill Steels are available in various shank styles, lengths, and head diameters.

Shank Style Length Head Diameter
Hex19 × 108mm 400 ~ 4,000mm 23 ~ 35mm (27/32 ~ 1 3/8 inches)
Hex22 × 108mm 400 ~ 9,600mm 26 ~ 41mm (1 1/32 ~ 1 39/64 inches)
Hex25 × 108mm 600 ~ 6,400mm 33 ~ 45mm (1 19/64 ~ 1 25/32 inches)
Hex25 × 159mm 800 ~ 6,400mm 35 ~ 42mm (1 3/8 ~ 1 21/32 inches)

Note: The table indicates commonly used products; for special requests like cross bits type, contact us with details.

How to Order? Select your preferred Shank Style + Effective Length + Bit Diameter for superior small-hole drilling.

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Enhance your drilling efficiency with Superdrill Integral Drill Steels. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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