Reliable Quality

Quality is crucial for business. Quality products help to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty and reduce the risk and cost of replacing faulty goods.

Quality is why our Superdrill have been selected by all the customers. Quality can effect abrasion resistance, penetrate rate.

Only use quality tungsten carbide and steel from famous supplier

Tungsten carbide and steel is the key material for rock drilling bits, it can cost occupy about 70% of total cost. Some suppliers use poor material to save cost, which may affect the rock drill bits life and also increase the products cost. Superdrill only use top quality material from large tungsten carbide factory like zhuzhou cemented carbide Group Company, chongyi zhangyuan tungsten, and big steel factory like Bao Steel and An Steel.

Quality control manager during production

We have professional quality control equipment and QC managers, our own experienced QC managers look on the whole production line from material to end products, every steps they use the quality control tools and equipment to get very strict inspection and testing. Which ensure the quality is kept in a high level, make sure the products reach standard quality level.


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