Pneumatic G20 Used Air Breaker Jack Hammer

Pneumatic G20 Used Air Breaker Jack Hammer

Pneumatic G20 Used Air Breaker Jack Hammer

G20 Jack Hammer Features

Pneumatic pick is designed with the current international popular clamping handle type opening and closing device, they are lightweight, large impact power, simple structure, flexible operation and convenient maintenance. The Jack Hammer comes in many different sizes. Which one an individual chooses to use may depend on the job being performed. It can also vary based on the size and strength of the person performing the work.

G Series Pneumatic Jack Hammer

1. Small pick hammer usually weighs around 13 ounces (37 kg).

This type is best suite to break hard rocks into smaller pieces.

2. Medium-sized tools can weigh approximately 32 ounces (9 kg).

This size is normally chosen for cracking into cracks or crevices. It can also be used to drive a chisel, which is a short rod with a cutting edge, into this material.

3. A large pick hammer can weigh as much as 64 ounces (1.81 kg).

This size is mainly used whenever there are large areas of very hard rock that need to be broken up.

Kaishan Pneumatic G20 Used Air Breaker Jack Hammer

G20 Pneumatic Jack Hammer Technical Specifications




20 (Kg)


570 (mm)

 Cylinder dia

φ40 (mm)

 Rammar stroke

165 (mm)

 Rammar weigh

0.95 (Kg)

Working pressure

0.4~0.5 (Mpa)

 Impact energy

≥60 (J)

 Impact frequency

≥16 (Hz)

 Air consumption

≤23 (L/s)

 Air pipe inner dia

φ16 (mm)


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