HG15 Hand-hold Air Pick Hammer

 HG15 Hand-hold Air Pick Hammer


To use the light-weight pneumatic hammer and suitable Plug and feathers for splitting the

blocks, it will be more efficiency and less cost than the traditional hand splitter.



Model Air Pressure Air Consumption length
Net Weight
Gross Weight
Packing Size
MPa Bar m3/min cfm
HG15 0.5 5 1.4 49 600 11 12 620×180×110


 Except the function of splitting the stone by wedge and shims, you also can use this machine to equip a break rod to make some breaking work, like break the old roadway.

It also can be applied to break firm and freezed ground in civil engineering,substruction and civil air defence works and so on.


Note: 1. At working site, sir pressure 0.5Mpa, the noise would be less than 115db

          2. Plug and feathers: normal length is 400mm, and hole from 32mm to 40mm, other

              sizes of plug and feather are available upon your datailed requirement.


2. Special wedge and shims for the HG15 air pick hammer


We provide 4 sizes of the special wedge and shims for above mentioned HG15 air pick hammer.

The detailes as below:

Size Weight
270*20mm 0.8kg
300*24mm 1kg
350*32mm 1.8kg
410*38mm 2.47kg


After drilling lined holes on the bloack, you can put the suitable wedge and shims into the holes and then later use the HG15 air pick hammer to break the bloack in a very short time.



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