CO2 Gas Blaster Gas Carbon Dioxide Gas Rock Splitter for cracking stone soundless

CO2 Gas Blaster Gas Carbon Dioxide Gas Rock Splitter for cracking stone soundless

This new product is to replace the expension mortar using in cracking, which is more efficient, cheaper and more environmentally
friendly. Moreover, this is different from explosives, but it uses the principle of gas expansion, so it will be safer.

Standard configuration:
Gas cracking filling machine*1
Gas cracking gas storage tank*1
Gas cracking heating tube*1
Gas cracking tube(Consumables)

1.Gas cracking filling machine:
It is filled with 500 liters of carbon dioxide liquid per hour by variable frequency motor and full hydraulic control. Five 5 kg
tubes can be filled in about 2 minutes, and the filling pressure can reach 25-30Mpa. Not only pressure and weight display, but
also temperature, ambient humidity, and tank temperature display.

2.Gas cracking gas storage tank:
Safe and efficient storage of carbon dioxide
3.Gas cracking:
Military materials were used and heat treatment was repeated. It can be used repeatedly for 3,000-5,000 times, and the safety
factor is three times that of the crack. Gas expansion cracking tubes do not require hard links, all use soft links, the world’s
exclusive invention.
4.Gas cracking heating tube:
Technical improvement, using military materials, taking the road of integration of military and civilian technology, greatly
improving the level of technology and equipment technology, reducing leakage and dampness and unsynchronization.
Disposable plastic paper gas cracking tube
Why don’t we use steel materials for disposable cracking tubes?
Disposable steel gas expansion tubes 
are prone to explosions, which can cause explosions due to collisions, improper operation or
during transportation. It is not uncommon for people to use accidental explosions in disposable steel gas expansion tubes. In
February 2017, a single trellis steel gas expansion tube was used in Hubei Daye to cause two deaths and one injury. In April 2017,
a young boy in Baise, Guangxi, was blown off on the spot and was killed in the process of being sent to the hospital for


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