PDC rock drill bits

76F-180 PDC rock drill bits for underground mine and water well drilling

Introduction of PDC (Polycrystalline Diamond Compact)

PDC is made of diamond micro-powder and hard alloy substrate under high temperature and high pressure. It possess of high wear resistance like diamond, at the same time the impact resistance like hard alloy and that's made it the best materialas a drill bit cutter. Reinforced PDC has higher dense diamond powder, claw hard alloy substrate made the two layers solid as whole one. So, the reinforced PDC of supper wear resistance, longer service life and high efficiency.

PDC rock drill bits

PDC (Polycrystalline Diamond Compact) PDC Bit is a full-scale drilling bit, mainly be used in construction, mining, geology, coal, water conservancy and hydropower, highway, high speed railway and bridge etc.

1. Suitable for soft, medium and hard formations.

2. Super strong material promotes gauge wear resistance to provide long bit life.

3. The cutter's back rake has been unique design,reducing the bit torque and increasing aggressiveness.

4. Cuttings removal and bit cooling for bits are optimized by matching the volume of rock removed by the cutter on each blade with the proportional fluid flow.


Stratum conditions

PDC drill bits is mainly used for drilling soft and medium -hard formation. Such as mud stone, limestone, shale, sandstone and granite etc.


PDC drill bits are used to penetrate the degassing hole, drain hole, and grouting hole of coal mine, water conservancy and hydropower, road construction, bridge and building.


PDC bits work under low drilling pressure, medium-low drive speed, and big drainage.


50mm, 56mm, 60mm, 65mm, 75mm, 94mm, 98mm, 113mm, 120mm, 120.5mm, 124mm, 143mm, 149mm, 152mm, 173mm,   190.5mm, 203mm, 254mm

Standard Sizes for Immediate Availability: 2" to 8 1/2" (51mm to 215.9mm)

Other sizes available upon request


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