SuperDrill's 7, 11, and 12 Degree Tapered Hexagonal Rock Drill Rods

Product Content:

Precision Redefined: SuperDrill's Tapered Hexagonal Rock Drill Rods

Product Description: SuperDrill introduces a range of Tapered Hexagonal Rock Drill Rods designed for precision and durability in demanding quarrying and mining operations. Available in 7, 11, and 12-degree variations, these rods offer versatility, low use cost, and a robust design for efficient rock drilling.

Key Features:

  1. Versatile Taper Options: SuperDrill provides Tapered Hexagonal Rock Drill Rods in 7, 11, and 12-degree configurations, catering to different drilling needs.

  2. Application Diversity: Suitable for quarrying, underground mining, and down-the-hole rock drilling, these rods are designed for a wide range of applications.

  3. Competitive Advantages:

    • Low Use Cost: SuperDrill's Tapered Rods are designed for cost-effectiveness, ensuring efficient drilling without breaking the bank.
    • Easy Installation and Disassembly: Streamlined processes make these rods easy to install and disassemble, enhancing overall operational efficiency.
    • Long Service Life: The durable design ensures an extended service life, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  4. Precision Rock Drilling Tools: SuperDrill's commitment to precision is evident in the design and manufacturing of these rock drilling tools. Valveless air distribution ensures reliability, while advanced testing methods and equipment guarantee high-quality products.

Tapered Rock Drilling Tools - 7 Degree:

  • Shank: 22 x 108mm
  • Length, Weight, Part Number:
    • 600mm, 2 feet, 1.93kg, 4148300179
    • 800mm, 2 5/8 feet, 2.54kg, 4148300180
    • ... (Complete specifications listed)

Other Specifications:

  • Explore a comprehensive range of Hex Tapered Rods in lengths ranging from 610mm to 8000mm, designed for diverse drilling scenarios.

11° Hex Tapered Rod:

  • Shank 22x108mm (7/8"x4 1/4")
  • Length, Weight, Product Code:
    • 610mm, 2 feet, 2.2kg, H22-11D-610
    • 1220mm, 4 feet, 4.1kg, H22-11D-1220
    • ... (Complete specifications listed)

Parameter Table:

Length (mm) Length (ft) Weight (kg) Product Code
600 2 1.93
800 2 5/8 2.54
1000 3 2/7 3.15
... ... ... ...

Discover More:

  • Refer to the PDF Catalogue for additional details and specifications.

Experience precision, versatility, and durability with SuperDrill's Tapered Hexagonal Rock Drill Rods – your trusted companion in the world of rock drilling excellence.


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